What is BIM?!

BIM is an acronym that stands for Building Information Modeling. BIM is very much talked about these days in the building industry, but when asked you will receive more or less different definitions from different people.

Some say BIM is a type of software. Some say BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings. Others say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organized into a structure database easy to query both in a "visual" and a "numerical" way. It is safe to say that BIM is all of the above and some more...

BIM Products and Add-Ons that we carry

Vnix was born with a dream, to make seamless 3D modeling a reality!

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In today's competitive industry, time is really gold!

We understand your value for time, we are here to help you go BIM the right way.

Whether you need a basic, intermediate or advanced we conduct these training for all the BIM software we are carrying.

We strive to give different options, test unconventional methods to provide the best workflow we know that is suitable to your project.

Your journey doesn't stop after the training; we provide continuous technical support at every problem you may encounter on your project.

We aim to show you the best workflow for managing your BIM projects, we recommend only the best in BIM practices and we commit for excellence!

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We are determined to explore excellence through advancement in BIM technology.

We are one of the most sought drafting service in the field of architectural design, planning and tender submission in Australia.

With an established solid reputation, we provide first-class structural steel and precast concrete solutions to the construction industry.

We provide a cost-effective range of project visualization materials in significantly diverse types of industries ranging from consulting and construction.

We enable stakeholders and consultants to explore the entirety of their projects or development ahead of its actual construction on their own pace.

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